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15 апреля 2011

Запуск нового сайта компании «Блок МКС»

Представляем новый дизайн своего сайта.

Мы работаем для Вас и будем рады выслушать Ваши замечания, отзывы и предложения по построению структуры и внешнего вида сайта компании!

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About company

Scientific Industrial Centre Block MKS
“Block-Modular Constructional Systems”

Scientific-Industrial Centre Block MKS (hereinafter referred as NPC Block MKS) provides the wide nomenclature and all the spectrum of services regarding creation of the new and reconstruction of the existing concrete-mixer factories. NPC Block MKS is also the corporative supplier of technological equipment for large-scale industry in the field of the building materials.

The main types of production:

1. Concrete mixer installations, concrete works/factories BMKS-26.M (removable), BMKS-26.P (easy-to-be-relocated) and BMKS-26.S (stationary). productivity of basic modules – 30,60 and 90 m3/per hour

2. Concrete mixer of tray cyclical type, BSM26-05 and BSM26-10.

  • output capacity – 0.5 m3 and 1,0 m3.
  • productivity – up to 90 m3/per hour

3. Measuring hopper of different series DC26, DC26 and DX26 for dosage of cement, water and chemical additions.

  • * for concrete mixers of the following capacity- 0,75 and 1,5 m3 * one-, two- and multi components mixers

4. Conveyers for concrete mixture components (elevators, conveyers of belts and worm types, skips, travelling trolley, self-propelled bunkers etc.).

  • * productivity – up to 90 tons/ per hour

5. Cement warehouses SC26-40, -80, -125 and -600.

  • * basic module capacity - 40, 80, 125, 600 tons.

6. Cement intake devices of railways and auto types.

  • * productivity – up to 90 tons/ per hour

7. Technological equipment, preparatory devices for water and chemical additions, barboters, sand drills and supply line mechanisms for materials and components needed for concrete mixture (switches, shutters, feeders, vibro-sifters, sleeves, valves etc.).

  • *with hand gear and remote drive

8. Lifts of different kind: shaft, stanchion and inclined types

  • * lifting power capacity – up to 2,000 kg
  • * lifting height - up to 20 m

9. Metal constructions (frames, support systems, stanchions, frameworks, landings, staircases, railings, sheds etc).

  • * within transport gabarits

Delivery of equipment is provided with complete set of services

  • forming of the initial data and technical tasks
  • projection of foundations
  • development engineering of non-standard constructions
  • elaboration of operating documentation
  • organization of production using the customer’s means of production
  • installation, supervision of erection, supervision of putting into operation and equipment adjusting
  • modernization and technical re-armament
  • creation of technological regulations
  • technical substantiation of projects and creation of resource models for productions
  • project and design works for metal constructions

Contact person: Chief of NPC Block MKS Mr. Anatoliy Mukhortov
Contact telephone/fax number: +7(495) 585-58-85,
Mobile: +7(985) 765-15-01, e-mail: 7651501@mail.ru

107065, Moscow,
Shelkovskoye shosse, 21st km